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Get my 100% FREE No-obligation Assessment ($870 value) And See What Is Holding You Back From Scaling Your Online Business.

For ONLY THOSE fully committed to get a constant flow of new leads, more customers, higher revenue and at the highest rate possible of their return on investments (ROI).

Yes, I want this ASSESSMENT and …

… learn how I could generate more SALES & PROFIT for my business

Get my 100% FREE No-obligation Assessment ($870 value) And See What Is Holding You Back From Scaling Your Online Business.

For ONLY THOSE fully committed to get a constant flow of new leads, more customers, higher revenue and at the highest rate possible of their return on investments (ROI).

Yes, I want this ASSESSMENT and …

… learn how I could generate more SALES & PROFIT for my business

Let me get one thing straight, right from the beginning:

One of your top priorities as a business owner is to sell your product or service at the price which generates you enough revenue well above your overhead costs. Only this way your business can prosper and drive even more revenue in the long run.

Although, undeniably you’ll need great tactics and latest innovative marketing technologies along with highly qualified staff, these alone will never lead your business to prosperity.

You might have felt it on your own skin, you upgraded everything within your organisation including your staff, still the progress did not get reflected in your sales numbers.

The reason behind is dead simple: this one move can be done by any business owner.

It’s the same with acquiring new leads from different sources, channels as we call them, be it Google, Facebook or whatever. This one can also be accomplished by any business owner not to mention your competitors.

So, the main concern for most entrepreneurs is the ability to convert their visitors or prospects at the highest rate possible. How to achieve this is what makes you stand out from the crowd and that’s where the real money and your success lies.

Fact #1: Investing in advertising is a key aspect of your business strategy. Remember, the more a business could afford to invest in advertising, the more successful it could become.

Fact #2: The only main concern within any organisation, is the mess you constantly need to cleanup. The less mess you have, the more effective you can run your business.

You might have put in all your efforts and HARD WORK to get traffic to your website be it an e-commerce store, a publishing or affiliate site. You might have worked with marketing experts & agencies and you already spent a fortune on Facebook ads.

So, you know how hard, time consuming, costly and painful it could be to gain a new visitor, not to mention the fact that it’s even HARDER to turn them into PAYING customers.

And at the end, the last thing you want is to LOSE these newly gained visitors.

There MUST certainly be several reasons why this is happening to your business. These are so called WEAK LINKS within your organisation which put a HALT in making you more SALES and PROFIT.

NOW, let’s be honest … If you won’t feel the following statements resonate with your case, THEN it’s for sure, we are not a good fit to work together, HOWEVER, there are slightly any chances these ones do not reflect reality. Here are some of them I bet you’re facing it right now and few others you haven’t even thought of:


Lack of leads and new clients

There is no constant flow of new leads and clients for your business.


Too expensive or low quality

Your prospects consider your product or service as being too expensive or low quality.


You already spent large amounts on advertising

Your ad expenditures skyrocketed but never experienced a positive ROI.

You lack the know-how of modern digital marketing

You have no idea how a professionally developed digital marketing strategy should be implemented.

You don't listen to your customers

You don’t take seriously what your customers say or complain about your product or service.

You no longer believe in the potential of growth

You simply don’t believe any more that you could double, triple or even quadruple your yearly revenue and profitability.


Your margins are dangerously low

You find your margins are too low, just enough to cover your bare minimum expenses.


You complain you don't have enough time

Your daily tasks piled up and can’t figure out how to handle them effectively.


You're constantly losing clients

Your retention rate su**ks, meaning you find insanely hard to retain your clients in the long run.


Discounts are the only options which work

If you don’t have any discount offer, you have no sales.


You don't trust anyone, anymore

Your negative experiences led to not trusting anyone or any new approach in making changes for the better.


You blame everyone but you

You blame the market, then the people, your staff, the government and anything else but you.

And you ask yourself

Here you are, my answers which exactly reflect your situation:


you lack STRATEGY


you have no FRAMEWORK to follow


no SYSTEMS within your organisation


no AUTOMATION of your business processes


lack of FOCUS


lack of predetermined GOALS to be reached


don’t have a UNIQUE OFFER on the market




there's no OPTIMISM within your organisation


lack of POSITIVE thinking


you're always BLAMING others

And going beyond, the sad TRUTH is…

LACK of a properly optimised SALES funnel SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for your business (product or service), leads to a HUGE 30%-60% LOSS or even more of potential NEW CUSTOMERS and the potential to generate new SALES and PROFIT to your company.

And even worse than that…

It’s not necessarily the lack of properly optimised sales funnel. In most cases, it’s LACK of PROPER TECHNICAL BACKGROUND, which results in an Ego Driven Website of the owner leading to chaos and bankruptcy.

Here are few TYPICAL scenarios with one of your VERY first visitors to your site:


Scenario 1

Either through an ad, organic search, referral or WOM (word-of-mouth), your new visitor lands on your website (home page, product or dedicated landing page). He was supposed to be your next POTENTIAL customer but instead, he LEFT and you couldn’t even get his e-mail address to reconnect.

Scenario 2

Your visitor either proceeded to click the BUY NOW or REQUEST A QUOTE subscription button then he suddenly LEFT your site without ever returning.

Scenario 3

Another scenario is when your visitor proceeded with the BUY NOW or REQUEST A QUOTE subscription button and even landed on your ORDER & CHECKOUT PAGE, then all of a sudden he decided to LEAVE your site.


Now, the question is, how many of such visitors are you LOSING on EVERY SINGLE DAY?

The ONLY OPTION when we would consider it was worth the effort to get a new visitor to our website is when we managed to convert them in a way or another. This is extremely important especially if our new customer COST US MONEY to reach to our website.

The BIGGEST MISTAKE most entrepreneurs commit:


…and they LOSE, most of the times.


Chances are, your services and products are sold by other of your competitors, most probably MANY OF THEM.

After all, why would someone buy from you and not from one of your competitors?

We MUST both agree on one thing:

Without differentiating yourself on the market, have a UNIQUE & IRRESISTIBLE OFFER, your chances to WIN this GAME are extremely POOR.

And don’t you ever THINK the SOLUTION is to have the CHEAPEST offer within your niche and on your market, that alone will not be enough. And by the way, this is the SECOND BIGGEST MISTAKE entrepreneurs make.

Just think of my consulting services, they are by far the cheapest on the market, still getting new clients on a regular basis.

Luckily though, I have some GOOD NEWS for You

Thankfully, you won’t need to reinvent the wheel, what you’ll need though, is someone who is EXPERIENCED enough to guide you through the path to SUCCESS, someone who has the know-how, the expertise and can himself get his own hands dirty whenever needed and execute some of the tasks needed to succeed.

You can definitely hire someone but I’ll tell you what, he or she will NEVER be as motivated as someone for whom LOSING A CLIENT is the worst that could happen. With an employee you always RISK that he/she will get a much better offer any time.

Piecing together all the techniques and strategies on your own, it would probably TAKE YEARS, something you can certainly not afford at this stage of your business.

After all, it took me almost fifteen years to reach to the point when I can say, I have gathered loads of experience, not only in terms of SUCCESS but PAINFUL FAILURES as well. So, I know exactly how you feel when all you accomplish is nothing more than LOSING MONEY on a daily basis. It’s hard, it’s painful, it’s demoralizing.

There could be several reasons why your business ceases to scale and grow. You might lack the right expertise, your website was built in the nineties and can’t cope with today’s demand in terms of selling your services and products fully or at least in a half automated fashion.

Our world is in a continuous CHANGE and those who don’t adapt and make changes themselves, are doomed.

If I asked you one question that is “How would you categorise your customers by certain criteria and show me these groups of segmented prospects?” … and you have no idea what I’m talking about, that means one thing, you always tried to get new clients and never thought of offering customised offers for customers who already purchased from you.

And here I didn’t even mention metrics like CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value), Retention Rate or AOV (Average Order Value). You might be familiar with these but chances are, this is the first time you hear these terms. No worries though, it’s OK, it’s normal, it can be fixed.

Very often, my customers ask me “What I think, does this-and-this STILL work?” In most of the cases by “this-and-this” they usually mean either SEO, PPC, Email Marketing or Social Media.

The problem with this is the question itself.

And my answer to them sounds something similar to this:

“As long as you spend $1 on something which gives you $2 in return, then you have a 100% ROI (Return on Your Investment) which means your investment was worthwhile, so it worked. If not, then there is something wrong with either your OFFER (not your product) or your way of spreading your message (sales copy, ad message).”

Just think of your website working exactly as one of the top sales professionals like Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes or Neil Rackham would do so. DOES yours fulfill all the techniques these sales professionals would apply?

Most probably not.

However …

With today’s technology this is achievable and even more professionally than a sales professional would ever dreamt of.

This would be the NEW WAY of doing your business online and never ever again bother how your next day or month would look like in terms of revenue and profitability.

My Unique One-on-One Coaching to Accelerate Your Business Growth at Scale.

Phase I. - Screening

Technical background


I will thoroughly analyse your current technological background, what tools you’re using, how well they are integrated within your business. What measuring techniques you use to follow performance.

Competitive research


I will map out your competitors within your niche, the ones you might not even be aware of. Things like content strategy, pricing model, social media presence, SEO structure, paid campaign strategies and so on.

Market potential


You must know what you are after and how attainable and realistic these goals are. I simply want to avoid setting up goals for failure right from the start. Aim for the SMART approach (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely).

Product assessment


Wrong product in the wrong market or for the wrong audience will never lead you reaching your goals. It’s extremely hard to become a unicorn these days but there are definitely effective techniques to differentiate yourself from the crowd by having a unique and irresistible offer.

Phase II. - Technical and contextual related tweaks

Your website


You might be proud of your website but anyone can build a website nowadays. The question is, do you own a website or a sales machine? You might already be using a WordPress (WooCommerce) site with wrong hosting, a Shopify or Bigcommerce store or if you’re already in deep waters, you might have given a try with ClickFunnels, ThriveCart, SamCart, PayKickstart, Kajabi or Kartra, still you got stuck and experienced no changes for the better.

Marketing tools


I could list hundreds of great marketing tools, I used many of them throughout my career. The good news is, there is always a good fit for everyone. Technology has no barriers any more. I guarantee, with my help your tools will propel your business forward and will never look back. Be prepared to get most of your tested and proven marketing processes fully AUTOMATED.



Anyone can claim he or she is a good copywriter but very few are proud their sales copy generated sales on a constant basis throughout many years. With my help you’ll learn the difference between good copy and an extraordinary copy, this is an essential part of the winning FORMULA for your business.

Marketing strategy


Laying down the marketing strategy is another essential element of winning FORMULA. This includes SEO, PPC, content marketing, branding, social media marketing & email marketing with an OMNICHANNEL approach to ensure a unified customer experience. When the strategy with its all objectives is crystal clear, aligned with the direction of your business growth, we will apply all the tactics necessary to reach your goals.

Phase III. - Firing up your sales machine

Sales funnels


Without sales funnels it’s almost impossible to scale your business. There’s no such as you don’t need a sales funnel, everyone needs a sales funnel and you are not an exception unless you don’t aim for higher achievements with your business. If you have more products or services, then you’ll need sales funnels for each one of them. There is a funnel for everything. From lead magnet to survey funnels, from webinar to application or product sales funnels depending on the customer’s current phase of his purchase decision (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) you'll need them to propel and accelerate your business forward.

Growth hacking tactics


REMEMBER, tactics alone will never make your business scale and grow, tactics are there to support your long-term strategy of achieving your organisation’s mission.

With my growth hacking tactics we’ll focus mainly on three major parts of the whole digital marketing strategy:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Product marketing
  3. Advertising (direct response)

Widen your organic reach


It is said, the louder you are, the bigger your market, your audience and your brand awareness. This all leads to higher revenue and profitability for your business. So it’s either your exposure on Google organic search or your reputation on major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), these are all playing a crucial role in building your business and brand reputation on the market. And yes, you must be constantly active on these platforms on a daily basis.

Highly targeted direct response advertising


There’s a smart approach to paid advertising. “As long as you pay $1 for one ad and it returns you back $2 then you can get RICH. This insane mindset can set you apart from those who are skeptical or simply do not trust in the efficiency of paid advertising.

There is another one rule you should stick to your mind: “Winners always pay the most in advertising, question is how much you pay compared to your competitors”
The winning formula for successful advertising is quite complex but knowing them, the rules will help you set apart from failing advertisers.

Phase IV. - Measure & evaluate

Setting up major KPI metrics


There's a OKM (One Key Metric) for each type of business and yours is not an exception. It is also known as the OMTM (One Metric That Matters) which should quickly show you at what stage your business is, in short, it either shows good or bad news. All the other metrics on a more granular level called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are meant to measure performance of certain areas within your organisation, from content marketing to sales, from conversions to average transaction values, customer acquisition cost or customer lifetime value (CLTV) and so on. We can distinguish between micro and macro conversions however our focus will always be on macro conversions (sales, purchase, revenue, profitability).

Monitoring performance by using the right measurement tools


There are certainly must haves and fancy things as well. We’ll focus only on those measuring tools which are essential to accurately measure performance and progress of your business.

This comes down to Google Analytics, GTM, implementation of Facebook pixel, heatmap tools like HotJar or CrazyEgg, Google Data Studio, SuperMetrics, MixPanel, Amplitude or many other performance measuring tools depending on your particular needs.

The right measuring tools will allow you to:

  • Make better business decisions
  • Improve your overall ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Better allocate your marketing budget 
  • Decide on which channel is more profitable, bringing you more clients, revenue and PROFIT
  • Improve your conversion rates

Phase V. - Optimize & tweaks

This phase relates to everything which needs to be IMPROVED, tweaked or optimised to achieve an overall better performance. From website’s technical performance like mobile or speed enhancements to use of right sales copy and use of right sales funnels. There are certainly many aspects of a website which need to be tweaked and sometimes the solution is to migrate from one platform to the other or use something additional which would accelerate your sales performance, tools like ClickFunnels, ThriveCart, Kartra, PayKickstart or SamCart are just a few of the great sales machine platforms available on the market.

Whatever the case, there would always be better ways to achieve better results, that’s the reason you always need to find WEAK POINTS within your system, this includes level of professionalism of your staff.

Phase VI. - Repeat the cycle and aim for even higher goals

Your entrepreneurial journey does not end at Phase V, actually it never ends. There will always be improvements to be handled, launch and test of new marketing campaigns, enter new markets and spread your products or services globally by reaching a much larger audience.

And when your business is not enough to reach a 10X increase of your profit, there are always plenty of opportunities in other niches you might consider to INVEST.

With MY HELP, your online presence will FLOURISH, your customers will enjoy your offers and spread your brand virally on all channels which will bring you even more happy customers and dramatically BOOST your SALES and PROFITABILITY on EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If that’s what you’re after and you’re fully committed to make an INVESTMENT in yourself and your business then hit the button below and sign-up for a pre-assessment.

… and learn how I could generate more SALES & PROFIT for your business


As long as you’re admitted into my 1-on-1 business coaching program you’ll benefit from all the know-how and technical background your business requires to grow and scale.


This is a MARATHON not a SPRINT.

If all you’re after is a QUICK-WIN scheme or a GET RICH QUICK FORMULA, then I’m afraid my program does not apply to you, we’d better clear this out prior committing yourself.

But for what reason would you choose me anyway?

There are thousands of business frameworks available on the internet today, and very few are offering a One-on-One coaching, meaning I’ll never let you alone with smart advice, blueprints and guidelines, instead, I’ll show you exactly what is needed to be done, how to execute them, what tools you’d need and in certain situations I’ll get my own hands dirty and make things happen be it a Facebook campaign setup, picking and setting up the right marketing automation tool(s), sketching out sales funnels for your particular needs and so on.

In brief, I am not just TALKING the WALK, I really do what I preach for my clients, my own projects and so on.

You are free to check my social media profiles, see who I’m following and will soon realise my way of thinking, the MINDSET I pursue.

I’m myself continuously learning from greatest achievers, like Jay Abraham, Frank Kern, Todd Brown, Anik Singal, Dan Lok, Jordan Zimmerman, Brendon Buchard, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Patrick Bet-David, Tai Lopez, Russel Brunson, Sabri Suby, Pat Flynn, Kerwin Rae, James Cook and the list goes on…

So, if you are an …


Ecommerce website owner


Professional or specialist in a certain field (lawyer, accountant, financial consultant)


Marketing director of a larger manufacturer company in need of boosting your sales


A business owner for whom online sales are crucial to prosper and grow


Someone who is just about STARTING OUT as an online entrepreneur

… and want ASSURANCE to avoid constant pitfalls and failures and start MAKING MORE & MORE SALES and achieve a constant INCREASE of your PROFIT…

Then don’t hesitate to APPLY for a FREE ASSESSMENT

Since I’m offering my services for a LIMITED number of CLIENTS, you need to act FAST.

RIGHT NOW, I have a limited offer for a small number of clients and in the attempt your assessment is successful, I’m offering my One-on-One business coaching with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the FIRST MONTH.

Yes, you heard it right, you’ll get fully recharged for the first month if not satisfied with my service and no any pressure on committing yourself in the long run.

The GOAL of the first month coaching and guidance is to figure it out if we can work together or not. Will you comply with my requirements or simply put, are you willing to put in all the effort needed to reach your full potential, to generate more leads, sales and scale your business like never before?

This might be your opportunity to invest a small portion of your margin and in exchange, get solutions for generating even more revenue.

In the worst case scenario which after all might be the best option in your case, would be the hard and painful decision to shut down your business and restart it from scratch, probably something completely different, a new product, a service or industry. If it worked for me, it could for sure work for you as well. It’s a DECISION after all, a decision you’ll need to make, that’s what drives our accomplishments both professionally and personally.

And here you are, some of my current and former clients who were also skeptical at the beginning. Now, read through their opinions, what they experienced while working with me.

Phil understands the importance of a strategic, analytical approach to Digital Marketing. Through completing the Smart Insights RACE Digital Marketing qualification he has demonstrated commitment and competence to apply best practices to digital marketing projects.
Dave Chaffey

Co-founder & CEO, Smart Insights

Phil is always focused, works like a Swiss watch and always has a well planned strategy ready to deploy. It was a joy working with him.
Arpad Zsolt Bodo Ph.D.

Founder & CTO, Sprint Consulting

Above his professional approach his strategic thinking is priceless. Phil always aims to solve an issue at its core level. I more than enjoy working with him.
Attila Elekes

CEO, BHPgumi

After 10 years of experience in the industry, I have to conclude that Imre is the go-to guy for SEO and website optimization. He is the first person I call when I need advice in SEO, PPC or conversion optimization. In addition, he’s professional but also fun to work with – I really like his laid-back attitude. Despite of that, he’s always on time with projects.
Zsolt Renyi

Founder & CEO, iKaland

Phil is an enthusiast T-shaped digital marketer with a very deep knowledge and understanding of marketing strategy and all related technologies. Structured thinker, capable of both understanding the big picture quickly and going into small details whenever needed. Strong in analytics and always takes usability questions into consideration. As a highly skilled specialist with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, he usually works alone but he’s definitely a good team player.
Gergely Kereszturi

Former Head of Search, iProspect

Phil’s understanding of the international market played a crucial part in our cooperation with him. We were fortunate to have worked with him for almost a decade. His expertise is of great value to any endeavour. I can more than recommend him
Janos Bacskai

Managing Director, Nova Services

Phil assisted us in developing a robust SEO strategy for our startup in the festival and travel industry. He understood the task quickly – which wasn’t a simple, ordinary one – and worked very effectively. His knowledge about SEO and latest in digital marketing trends is extraordinary as well as the quality of work and his work morale is very high. I recommend him to any company.
Laszlo Varga

Senior web developer, Freelancer

Phil Amery is the best example of a talented and enthusiastic professional. So far we cooperated on one project, and it proved to be an excellent partner. Phil is a great advisor, not only able to execute the briefed tasks, but has a real added value with new ideas and clear, understandable explanations. I always considered him as a nice and kind person that it is particularly pleasant to work with.
Gabor Hamza

eCommerce Director, Libri - Bookline

Digital marketing is in Phil’s blood, no questions.
It’s extremely rare to find someone with such a holistic vision on the market. He can for sure build a robust strategy and apply best tactics to make things change for the better. If you happen to work with him, you’ll be in good hands and never regret paying whatever he charges.
With him, your ROI will be high positive, don’t hesitate picking him as your right hand within your organisation.
Tamas Locher

CMO, Neurochain

While working together with Phil for the weight loss sector, I had him as a SEO role model – since he was one of the best in the agency – and benefited from his experience, which I am very grateful for! Phil has the right SEO skills and a lot of experience to define & implement a vision, I recommend him with absolutely no reserve to anyone who needs to invest in digital marketing strategy and search engine optimisation, either agency or company side.
Ovidiu Suciu

SEO Manager, Assemble Digital

Still not convinced?

Let me tell you something.

There are five additional reasons why you should not hesitate working with me:


I really love what I do, it’s tough business I know, but for me it’s fun at the same time


I’ve been doing this now for almost fifteen years and worked with clients in almost all industries


I really mean when I say I want you to SUCCEED and deliver RESULTS, that’s what makes me succeed after all


I work for a limited number of clients and you might wait 6-12 months to get on my waitlist and get accepted into my One-on-One coaching program


I’m myself planning and building online businesses in SaaS, WordPress development or maintenance and eCommerce projects

Act NOW and secure your commitment on working with me RIGHT NOW. This is a LIMITED OFFER and I can not foresee when the next such opportunity will arise.

… and learn how I could generate more SALES & PROFIT for your business


And, the ILLUSTRATION below is a great demonstration of what we are after.

Don’t PROCRESTINATE, instead, let’s DO IT and aim for higher achievements with your business.

… and learn how I could generate more SALES & PROFIT for your business