Nr. 1 reason why most fail and all it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur [A HONEST & SINCERE VIEW] hope you’ll enjoy…

To anyone a fellow entrepreneur or wannabe…

This one is supposed to be one of my very first messages I usually deliver to a client [PRIOR CLOSING], actually, the ONE which I hope you’ll NEVER EVER IGNORE and always keep in mind no matter what [WHEN TOUGH TIMES STRIKE IN]

There are so many examples I could call on to make my message crystal clear, but here are a few which I hope will get through …

There is undoubtedly a definite reason you started reading my post, which is most certainly the FOMO (fEaRoFmIsInGoUt) effect on your emotions and feelings – I hope I’m not too philosophical (but admit, I’m getting old)

It’s either about your struggles with your personal growth or your business failures which led you to seek for solutions ….


There are always drawbacks which continuously try to pull you backward and hear that whispering sound: QUIT, QUIT, QUIT, STOP STRUGGLING, GIVE UP, YOU CAN’T MAKE IT, THERE IS FAR TOO MANY COMPETITION OUT THERE …. and the list goes on and on and on – familiar?

And now let’s dive in

Well, guess what?

I’ve been through this as well, and it took me more than a decade to reach the point when my work-life balance is somewhat quite balanced and would never look back. [DISCLAIMER/DENIAL:

Never aim for work-life balance, it simply doesn’t exist – lol]

The problem is that neither I nor anyone had any recipes when we started with our entrepreneurial journey. That’s what I also experienced back in the early ages of my entrepreneurial journey.

Chances are, you’re still looking for THAT so-called RECIPE FOR SUCCESS, the ELIXIR, which would lead you in the right direction.

I’ll be brutally honest with you.

Short scenario:

Let’s suppose you want to cook a new recipe. What would be the first thing you’d check on?

Well, most certainly, YouTube would be one of your choices.

And guess what? Although you would get all the details from the video of a renowned chef, you still might not get the same result as expected. Wonder WHY? …

REMEMBER, you had all the ingredients, all the steps shown to you in a plethora of detail, colorful and with high-quality sound.

I’m a sports fan guy, practicing and still practicing different sports and participating in competitions. Just like the case with professional athletes, in business as well, you can only achieve outstanding results if you put in all the effort needed to succeed, usually 10-15 years [SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN].

LUCK?!! – Oh yeah, another great example

I’ll be short on this: Luck is all for those who are prepared – no further comments – hard work is part of the game…

Accept it or not, behind all big successes, there are painful moments and many failures, and the public does not see this one.

Quick wins and successes are scarce, but even when they occur, you can’t see the real picture behind.

DON’T get distracted by other people’s successes. It’s theirs, not yours. Ignore or forget about them and instead focus on your own goals [IT AIN’T EASY, I KNOW].

Don’t expect high achievements right from the start.

Or if you’ve been in your business for many years but still struggling, then once again, it’s your fault you didn’t listen to those who made it or offered their assistance to help you out. Or even worse, you never thought of seeking advice from people who went through the trenches.

Entrepreneurship is a battlefield for high-performing athletes, and you must be tough not only physically but mentally.

What I experienced throughout the years was that the biggest obstacle for my progress was always my mentality, how I trust my gut, and see my future. [STILL STRUGGLING FROM TIME TO TIME]

Sometimes, it’s highly beneficial to get away from all the problems you’re facing and get mentally refreshed then look at your questions from a different angle.

Forget about the MAGIC BULLET. It doesn’t exist! [PERIOD]

And I know, my message might sound kinda ‘bla -bla -bla’ but if you face it realistically, chances are, you’ll accept it and start your next day with a completely different mindset.

Take my message either motivational or philosophical, but I hope you managed to grab my word and use it for your benefits.

Let’s exchange some further thoughts on this topic and learn something new from your own experience.