Hello there,

It’s me again with my next educational email. I hope you’ll find it useful.

Whenever I start working on a new campaign, despite the experience I have, just like a newbie, I’m also facing the mind clutter effect, especially when it comes to coming up with new ideas for my creatives.

Thankfully, throughout the years, I gathered plenty of resources, some of which I’m sharing with you in this email.

One of these resources is swiped.co, a website on which you can search for inspiration by the topic in which you plan your next campaign. Please don’t get discouraged by seeing ancient old examples, believe me, the best resources I got inspired from were always from old newspaper ads like this anti-wrinkle ad example.

Another similar alternative is the swipefile.com site. Here you’ll find whole landing pages that have been used successfully like this Balsamic sales page. In addition to this, you can find other useful tactics like pricing, event marketing, or explainer videos for those in much need for their very first explainer videos.

The next great resource for inspiration is AdEspresso’s collection of great Facebook ad examples. They also have a downloadable PDF with 20 Facebook ad templates (wait for the newsletter opt-in). Here you will find super great examples for most ad types, from videos to carousel ads as well as offer and messenger ads.

Moat is another great example, very few people know. This tool allows you to search by brand names, suitable for spying on your competitors’ creatives.

And the last one is Facebook’s Ads Library in which you can also spy on your competitors or companies in the same or similar niche but other markets. This tool allows you to do your research by a particular geographical location, date range, topic or brand as well as by platform (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger) on which the ad was or is currently running.

I’m really curious how useful you found the tools mentioned above and resources and, most importantly, how did it help in your work.

If you know any other similar resources, feel free, and share with all of us, let’s help each other’s work with tools and resources like these.