For quite a while I’ve been working on understanding my personal goals in life. These are by far not the usual goals you tend to believe they are and yes, they are not easy to find and understand. That’s the reason why I embarked on my own mentorship program and will shortly join a coaching one as well. Meanwhile I’ve been quite involved in startups and entrepreneurships, this is what makes me fire up once again after more than eight years of working as digital marketing specialist.
This is supposed to be my first entrepreneurial like blog post, a very short one indeed with a quote I hope will be memorable for many of us. This came up watching Tucker The man and his dream on YouTube, an old movie but a very thoughtful one.

And here is the quote I was pointing to earlier:

Every individual that we can inspire, that we can guide, that we can help start a new company, is vital to the future of our economic welfare – Ewing Marion Kaufman