I bet, just like most of us, you have also been tempted to invest in stocks, bonds, gold, and oh yeah, real estate. It happens with most of us quite regularly.

Do you still think this is the solution to get RICH and WEALTHY?

Now, guess what?

What did rich people do to build their wealth and continue to do so even today? And once again, it’s not stocks, bonds, gold, or real estate.

You might be surprised, but believe me, you’ll feel a huge relief when I’ll disguise the real truth.

There’s no MAGIC BULLET or something out of the ordinary.

The SOLUTION is dead simple:


Yeah, that’s the ONLY PROOF we have that most rich people did so to get their wealth. It’s no magic, no secret behind it.

If you’re skeptical, please tell me, one single employee, you ever met, got rich by being an employee. I know it might hurt. You might find it hard to accept or swallow, but facts are facts, and now that you’re familiar with this, it’s up to you how and what you’ll decide about your future.

Do you want some real proof, not just words? Here they are, some real case studies of companies who managed to double, triple, or quadruple their yearly revenue and profitability:

  • The Hickory Transportation Inc – transportation and logistics services – 3-year growth 97.27% (2018 revenue $2.29B)
  • Chewy – Pet Food eCommerce – 3-year growth 735.54% (2018 revenue $3.5B)
  • Allied Universal – security and janitorial services – 3-year growth 255.19% (2018 revenue $5.8B)
  • Uber – Ride hailing service – 3-year growth 464.91% (2018 revenue $11.27B)
  • Veskort – Construction clothing outfitter – 3-year growth 8,441% 2017 revenue €18 million
  • Kristall – Wine and liquor distributor – 3-year growth 9,233% 2017 revenue €33.7 million
  • Sanderson Contract Management Limited – Recruitment company 3-year growth 23,306% 2017 revenue €70.3 million

And there are thousands more of such great examples of successful companies.

Now, can you pick one single share, bond, or whatever BIG PROMISE investment opportunity which can deliver the same result?

And yeah, real estate, I know.

The problem with real estate is that most real estate moguls first built their own business(es), bought other companies, built another one, sold them, and step-by-step started to invest in real estate as one of the most valuable sources of cash flow.

In brief, first, you establish a business of your own around a solution for a specific problem for which people (your customers) are willing to pay money, and use that money (other’s people money) to further invest in your business and only after getting into real estate.

But NEVER FORGET, your first job is to build a business of your own, make it a success, and then start looking for other investment opportunities like real estate or shareholders at larger corporations. Be careful though, you’ll need to diversify your portfolio, but this one is an entirely different story I might share some thoughts on in one of my next posts or emails.

There’s still something you must also be aware of before committing yourself to bigger goals.

Establishing a company is something anyone can do. It takes guts, courage, and skills, but most importantly, failure will unavoidably be part of this game.

That’s where your capabilities will be put on a test if you’ll be able to handle tough situations and get back on your feet or fail within the first three years of your entrepreneurial journey.

Remember, this is a game of the 1%,  aiming to be the first at the Olympic games with like-minded and high performing athletes, simply because nobody is talking about second or third (painful I know).

And as such, no gains without pain.

I hope I enlightened your visions in becoming a successful entrepreneur and managed to pump in some more adrenaline in your veins.

Now go and do something about it.

Keep on working on your success by establishing your very first company and share your own story so that each one of us can learn something new.