If you are interested in finding out more about what progress do show Search Engine Marketing firms in UK, the Plimsoll’s report will provide you with most up-to-date financial data of almost 130 UK based companies among which Barracuda Digital Ltd, 360I London Ltd and Propellernet Ltd just to mention a few.

Few of the overall financial performance analysed:

  • sales growth
  • profitability (on total assets)
  • financial strength (Plimsoll Chart)
  • trading stability
  • immediate liquidity
  • working capital (the ability of paying debts)

And few of the findings:

  • 36 companies on the loss track
  • 30 companies worth 25% more than one year ago
  • 40 companies rated badly

A wealth of information useful for anyone interested in the followings:

  • for benchmarking with their own performance data
  • seeking for a good fit to acquire a search engine marketing company
  • clear understanding of industry trends
  • find out who are the top leaders of the industry
  • seeking for badly performing companies (potential in acquiring for a lower price)




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