Has your website traffic dropped? Have your leads dried up (or never started coming in)? Have you been hit by Google?

Are you confused what strategies might work and what won’t? Are you unsure what your next step should be to make your online marketing work like you had planned?

If you’re having any of these issues, it’s a great time to consult with a professional, so you’re in the right place. Contact me now for a consultation.

Why choose me?

I give my clients full-time attention, so I take on a maximum of 5-6 clients/projects at the same time. This is the only way I can assure full responsibility for each project and approach each individual task at my highest level of professionalism.

Since I’m a passionate digital marketer with up-to-date information regarding latest trends and techniques, I can assure you that by following my guidelines, your online presence and your revenues will increase significantly.

I’m not a fan of emphasizing price, but thanks to the simple fact that I live in Budapest (Hungary) where life is much cheaper than in US or other Western European countries, you can expect a significant reduction of your online marketing costs. I usually charge a monthly $1,500 – $3,000 fee depending on the complexity of the project and allocated time. Schedule your consultation today to see what I can do for your online marketing.

Depending on your needs, I have one month, three month, six month and yearly time frames.

My services

  • digital marketing strategy
  • content marketing strategy
  • SEO
  • lead generation
  • growth hacking
  • funnel hacks
  • Google Analytics tracking and reporting
  • social media management and strategies
  • Google penalty removal
  • A/B split and multivariate testing
  • … and even more, depending on your needs and expectations

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