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Web technology

Assuring you're using the best web and marketing tools carefully selected for your particular needs.

Sales funnels

Lack of a properly optimised sales funnel leads to a huge 30%-60% loss of potential new customers.


Direct response advertising

To maximise your return on investment and get some sort of result on the spot.

Brand awareness

Have a voice on your market and build a tribe around your beliefs and mission.

Requirements I Expect from You to Get Accepted

Do You Qualify?

Definitely my services are not for everyone and for this reason I prepared a checklist which you should read through very carefully prior to committing yourself working with me.

Requirements From Your Side

Follow my guidelines

You’re committed to follow my guidelines and put in some effort which is needed to make it a success.

Have a minimum marketing budget

You have a minimum marketing budget beyond my monthly consultation fee. If you don’t have that you’d better wait and apply when you have these resources.

Be committed to invest time

You’re committed to invest at least 6 months (preferably 12) to experience outstanding results. Building something great takes time and if you expect quick wins and instant boost of your revenue than I’m afraid this one program is not for you.

Understand that tactics alone will not scale

You understand that tactics are there to support your long-term strategy of achieving your organisation’s mission.

You’ll enjoy working with me and discover:

There are simply too many questions and problems for which you simply can’t pull up an exact answer or solution?

How to overcome and benefit from your competitors’ achievements
There are certainly far more you could learn from your competitors than you ever thought of. I will DEMONSTRATE to you that the information you get will make you simplify your decisions and HELP you in reaching your true potential on the market or within the niche you’re working in.
What is the actual demand in your segment and market
There are hidden opportunities you’re either aware of or not but MOST PROBABLY not. You MUST know exactly the demand within your niche, otherwise you’re doing nothing else than shooting blanks.
All the necessary tools which will accelerate your progress
Nowadays there are thousands of useful marketing tools available on the market and it would be extremely LABORIOUS and TIMELY to pick the right ones and get them integrated within your system. I’ve used and integrated several of such tools, I know this landscape like the back of my hand. As long as your system or sales funnels are well worked out and there is strong proof they bring results, you won’t be able to speed up and scale without automation. Be it a chat robot, triggered based email sequences, lead generation, list building, customer segmentation on AUTOPILOT and so on, you won’t be able to handle without the right set of tools.
Which are the top products or services your customers buy and how you could improve and achieve even greater results
You’re certainly familiar with Pareto’s law. This is something which refers to your business as well, in any aspect of it. There are certainly only 20% of your PRODUCTS which generate 80% of your REVENUE. The question is, what should you focus on? It’s a damn hard decision but crucial at the same time. Can Pareto’s law be broken? I’ll prove it can be done in a very SMART way.
How you could double, triple or even quadruple your margins in one single transaction
If you run an ecommerce site, you MUST BE AWARE that selling only one thing within a single transaction (unless it’s a yacht) you won’t be able to compete. Chances are you’re pretty much selling the same thing as your competitors and without a SMART MOVE by adding MORE VALUE, the only thing you’ll compete with will be the PRICE. I’ll show you how to increase the average order value (AOV) on each transaction.

My experience and responsibility

My extensive experience (successes and failures) allowed me to understand that tactical approach will never leed to long lasting success that’s why I ONLY work based on a proven and well worked out strategy uniquely designed for each individual needs.

Since I worked on almost all sides of the digital marketing landscape, from PPC to SEO and social media advertising, I perfectly understand how these things work and how you should use them successfully for your own business.

Some of the niches I’ve been involved: ecommerce sites, real estate, media publishing, coaching, diet pills, adult sites, SaaS services, startups, medical tourism and many others.

Phil Amery - Marketing strategy presentation

So, if you feel like:

Some of the most common reasons why you and most entrepreneurs are desperately seeking for solutions.

You are exhausted, overwhelmed, out of control and lost in your own entrepreneurial journey
Let me get you back on your FEET and make things happen for the BETTER
You spent loads of cash on trainings and seminars, still stuck where you started from
I’ll get you out from this state and lead you back in the right direction and offer clarity to better understand the big picture
You spent twice as much then your returns
I’ll offer STRATEGY, a well built out BLUEPRINT and reverse your downward trend to PROGRESSION and ABUNDANCE
Wish you could get the formula to change things for the better
I’ll PROMISE, you’ll get it from me and you’ll never look back. All the bad experience with your business will remain in the past and PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE will become the norm.

How I Work?
What to Expect from Me?

Free 1:1 Telephone Conversation

We should have at least one telephone conversation to get to know eachother better. I will share some further details about me than we can discuss through your goals with your business. 


FREE assessment

The main goal of this assessment is to better understand your business based on the questions I ask. Then I’ll further analyse it, have a closer look on your market. You will get a detailed feedback in which I’ll describe some of the weaknesses as well as opportunities. 

Start Working on Reaching Your Goals

At this stage we’ll start working together on reaching your business objectives following my 6-step formula

“No fee is too high for SUCCESS and almost any fee is too high for FAILURE.”


Full dedication - 3 clients at a time (1 left)

Building up from scratch if necessary, working out the new marketing strategy best suited for your particular needs and what proves to work in your niche or industry. 

starting from

$7,900 $11,000


At least 6 months commitment for viewable results

Cancel any time

More Details

My aim is to build reputable brands, reach to the point when your business has a voice on the market.

Work with me and a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals in all areas a reputable brand needs to be taken care of.

Here are some of the tasks included in my services:

  • site optimisation (page speed, usability, conversions)
  • implementation of marketing automation and CRM tools (InfusionSoft, Drip, ActiveCampaign...)
  • running ad campaigns (Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • sales funnel setup (ClickFunnels, Funnelytics, Kartra, SamCart)
  • setup tracking (Google Analytics, GTM or other 3rd party tools)
  • conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • remarketing campaigns
  • competitive research
  • increase of customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • increase of average order value (AOV)
  • highly converting landing page design
  • CMS site implementation and webdesign (Wordpress,  Contentful, CraftCMS, Tilda, Squarespace)
  • Ecommerce webdesign and platform implementation (Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Magento)

* Special guarantee: If you're not satisfied with my service even after 90 days of working with me and following all my guidelines, you'll get fully reimbursed, no questions asked.